Docs (Basic): Move files and folders & change their visibility

Organize files and folders by moving them around inside a client’s profile or changing folder visibility settings. Documents can be moved and the folder visibility can be changed by a firm owner, Admin, or any employee with access rights to manage documents.

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How to move documents to folders inside a client’s profile


Note! You cannot move documents that are locked, pending approval, or awaiting to be signed to folders that are inside a top-level folder with a Private or a Client can view and edit access level.

To move documents and folders to another folder inside a client’s profile:

1. Select the checkbox next to the documents and/or folders you want to move, then click the Move button. To select all items, click the uppermost checkbox.

2. Navigate to the folder you want to move your items to or create a new folder for them, then click the Move button.

What happens when you move a folder with the same name?

When you move folders and files with the same names, the moved folder or file will replace the current one. For example, if folder 1 and folder 2 have the same nested folder with the same files (e.g., f4010.png), and you move the nested folder from folder 2 to folder 1, it will replace the existing one. At the same time, if there are files in the nested folder from folder 2 that are not in the nested folder from folder 1 (e.g., Onboarding checklist.pdf), they will be added.

How to change the visibility of documents and folders

To change the visibility of documents and folders, move them from one top-level folder to another as described above.

How to change the visibility of top-level folders

To change the visibility of a top-level folder, click the three dots to the far right of the folder’s name, then select Edit. Change the Privacy setting, then click Submit. The visibility icon is then updated.


Note! You cannot change the visibility of your default client folder. You should have at least one folder with a Client can view and edit  access level. This helps ensure that your clients always have a predictable place to upload, view, and download documents from, as well as access them when they are locked to invoices, pending approval, or awaiting signature.

Can I move documents from one account to another?

You cannot move documents from one account to another. Each document contains a unique audit trail and other useful information that does not carry over from account to account.

If you upload a file to the wrong account, delete it, then upload it to the right one.

If you are using TaxDome Drive to manage your documents, you can copy and paste a file to a new account folder, but you cannot drag-and-drop it. Copying and pasting the file creates a second file in the new account, but it does not delete the original file from the initial account.

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