Team (Basic): @mentions

The @mentions feature allows you to tag other team members in chat threads, tasks, job cards and account notes. Tagging sends them a notification. @Mentions are great when you want to collaborate with your colleague on a project, ask them a specific question, or discuss something with them without having to assign tasks to them.

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Where to use @mentions

You can now ping team members in:

  • Account notes
  • Task descriptions
  • Job descriptions
  • Job comments
  • Chats

How to use @mentions

  • You can add a @mention anywhere in the note, chat thread, job description, job comment or task description -- wherever you need to draw your colleague's attention.
  • You can @mention multiple team members inside one text field.

To tag someone, type the @ symbol in a text field and you will see an inline dropdown with a list of all team members. The list of names will be filtered further as you type more letters. Click to select a team member or use the arrow keys to navigate with the keyboard.

Notifications on @mentions

By default, you receive notifications in your Inbox+ and email when you're mentioned.

You can see all alerts on mentions from your team members by selecting the Mentions filter inside the Inbox+ section.

If an employee does not have account access, they will receive a notification and will be able to request access to the account (here are the details on receiving/granting account access).

You may choose to receive notifications by checking the boxes in your Notification Preferences in the Settings section. (Here's more on changing notification preferences.)

Replying to @mentions from the notifications

If you were mentioned in a comment on a job card, you can reply to the comment right from Inbox+. Type your answer, then send it. It will be added as a new comment on the job card. 


Tip! If you want your team member to receive a notification on your comment, @mention them in your reply. Otherwise, they will not be notified.

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